What is DocToDoctor?

DocToDoctor is a Global Protection System for Clinical Information on mobile devices.


  • Developed following the Privacy by Design guidelines (Dr. Cavoukian [https://gpsbydesign.org/ ] & The International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners [https://icdppc.org/])
  • Store patient's information in encrypted files not accessible to other applications
  • It is an independent development not linked to any consortium, operators or investment funds


  • Protects against loss of mobile device.
  • Facilitates the obtaining of informed consent from the patient, both oral or written.
  • Independent Server of Consent and Identities of Users


  • Use Servers located in Europe, as ordered by the RGPD
  • Does not share or sell user data to ANYONE'S.
  • Provides access for the Patient to exercise their right to Consultation, Rectification or Deletion


  • Protects the Medical - Patient Relationship
  • User friendly (for the level of protection it grants)
  • Protected pictures can be taken without unlocking the mobile phone


  • Allows legally protected exchange of clinical information and photos between practitioners, to complete, remember, share, study or investigate
  • Provides traceability of shared information
  • Groups of up to 15 users can work and maintain shared files