Why DocToDoctor?

Many medical professionals need to store data and photos of patients’ pathology on their mobile phones. This raises questions of security and privacy.

Remembering cases to complete, to consult with another colleague, study or investigate, there are multiple legitimate reasons for a doctor to store this information.

The final beneficiaries are the patients themselves, current and future.

But these data are usually intermingled with the private data of the doctor and his family ... the photos of injuries are mixed with those of birthdays or family events. Passing 'one more photo' and showing a wound or something even worse to a relative not prepared to understand that information.

Mobile phone may be lost, unlocked for another reason, or the Cloud ccan be hacked. Health information can be very dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

The reason of the development of this app is to provide security, intimacy and legality to the modern medical practice.

We have developed some Basic Ethical Standards for the Taking of Medical Photographs at your disposal.

The European General Data Protection Regulation, GPDR, requires mechanisms to protect patient data that no app, until now, fulfilled.

Our design is based on safety above all other considerations.

DocToDoctor is easy to use (for the level of protection it grants).