An App designed by Doctors for Doctors

DocToDoctor is a secure application to manage your patients' clinical information.


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An App designed by Doctors
for Doctors

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Why DocToDoctor is not free if WhatsApp is?
Nothing is free on the Internet!! You pay by revealing your behaviour and sharing your life. DocToDoctor does not sell data to third parties or send spam or any other advertisement. DocToDoctor is a user-funded system.
Why there is no Web Support in the Free Plan?
There is a cost in Servers that someone would have to pay. Companies that give free storage charge elsewhere, or they are financial conglomerates with not-so-sure efforts in protect your data. DocToDoctor does not sell your data or allows spam or insert any advertising.
Why the Free Plan allows to store so few documents?
This plan is designed for the occasional user and above all to be able to RECEIVE photos and data from other colleagues. Pay users fund the development and refinement of the app.
How does an Invitation work?
The Invitation is a code to download the app and use it unlimited for a month at no cost.
Why do I have to send invitations?
You'll have three invitations to send to your colleagues who might be interested, always practicing doctors. The first two effectively accepted will grant you a free month each. After subscription, you can send unlimited number of invitation to other medical professional.
What if I have to publish a case if I have Access Plan?
We suggest you to subscribe to a Plan.
Can I send the photos through other apps?
DocToDoctor has been developed to prevent sharing patient information on any other network or social media, for your own protection.
How the Patient Consent is obtained?
DocToDoctor prepares a Consent for the patient in the web page. The patient signs a printed copy of the consent, and the app stores a photo of the signed copy in a secure Server. Also, Verbal consent can be recorded from patient or legally authorized relatives.
Do the files identify the patient?
The app is designed so the clinical information can not be assigned to any specific person. The patient always remains anonymous.
How do I know which patient each case refers to?
Only the Patient Record number is stored, encrypted in the mobile, but appears pseudonymized in the Web and in the Server.
But does the patient data identify the Health Centre?
The less the data you keep of patients, the better protected they are. You can add a basic code for your own Centre identification.
Are updates compulsory?
DocToDoctor is an information security tool. It needs to be updated to be secure, like antivirus programs. If you do not, the app will be temporarily blocked.

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